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24-Hour Access To A Senior Attorney

Sterling Law Group offers exclusive “Concierge Legal Services” for qualified clients in the Sacramento, Roseville and Tracy areas.

We limit the offer to these areas because Concierge Legal Services designed to be responsive to enrolled clients within a prescribed or negotiated response time.

Concierge Legal Services are offered exclusively to Sterling Law Group estate planning clients.

Concierge Legal Service clients have direct 24-hour access to a senior attorney who will be prepared to address any legal matter that may arise any time of the day or night.

Concierge Legal Service clients get a special phone number to use in emergencies.

Comprehensive Legal Services With A Complete Estate Planning

With this service comes a complete estate plan, duplicates of all your sensitive document kept in a secure fireproof vault.  If you wish, you can give your attorney  a power of attorney.  This could be used to insure your bills are paid from your checking account or other necessities are taken care of should you find yourself unable.

In A Legal Emergency – Your Legal Team Is There

We recognize that anyone can find themselves in a difficult spot.  With this service, you essentially have your own private “fractional” attorney and counsel at law to handle all of your legal needs. This service has a base annual fee, plus a minimum retainer, and additional hourly billing as necessary.

Concierge Legal Services – Not Just For Estate Matters

As a Concierge Client there is no legal matter that we will not resolve for you, and when needed, we will bring in the necessary specialist to join the team to support you. You will always be protected.

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Once you are enrolled, you have an experienced senior attorney you are familiar with who is only a phone call away 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Sterling Law Group is a member of the Wealth Counsel and practices business and Estate Law in California.

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